I'm Dom.
I build systems from square one.


Based out of Metro Detroit, strong commitment to team environment dynamics with the ability to contribute expertise and give leadership directives.

Full Lifecycle Software Engineering

From planning to design to implementation to maintenance, proficient at building entire systems from square one, using test-driven development.

Support System

With expertise of large-scale information system development (big data), focus on mobility and scalability, and emphasis on testing, always undertaking leadership in the industry.


Save a Seat

The Future of Dining

Save a Seat

Never before has a reservation system been so sophisticated, yet intuitive; Save a Seat is the most magnificent restaurant application of our time. Navigate through a first-person view and select a table of your choice at our participating locations. Discover the luxury of customizing your experience with one simple click.

DriveThru Plus

The DriveThru, Reinvented

DriveThru Plus

DriveThru Plus strives to revolutionize drive thrus everywhere. Click the link to learn more.


MedSync is a comprehensive cloud-based solution to fragmented information systems and inefficient methods of communication. It helps the physician, the pharmacist, and the patient take advantage of a digitized prescription model.